Under The Domain Name: Bookmarks

Under The Domain NAme

2003, Inkjet on photo paper

This series of panels reflects in a provocative and ironic manner about the concept of "domain name" and web site. Those which, at a first sight, appear (on the basis of a conscious and arbitrary purpose of composition) as urban views, reveal themselves for what they really are: what exists under the domain name. 
Each panel, in fact, is the result of a well reasoned selection of a series of home pages of existing web sites, which are physically and conceptually linked one another. For example the portals of the multinationals involved in the so called "war of browsers", which saw the final defy of Netscape Navigator in favour of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Or a meaningful "collection" of Italian portals linked to information or publishing trade; or more, all the portals conceptually and functionally related to eBay, the worldwide wonder of e-commerce. So, the initial selection is the translation of a conscious act, which also wants to be a mapping, thematic and partial, of the ephemeral and mutable structure of the World Wide Web.
The final representation chosen for this mapping is the metaphor of the urban landscape: the single homes, laid bare of their logos, their textual and iconic contents are freely used like as much basic modules employed to build strange buildings and rarefied metropolitan scenarios.
Moreover, the decontextualization and the exaltation of the HTLM structure - laid bare of everything, except the colours of the background - contribute to make us aware of the precise choices made by web masters and/or marketers, whose perceptive effects are then "subliminally" assumed by web surfers.