Marotta & Russo - Outline


2006, inkjet on vinyl

The inquiry at the basis of "Outline" coincides with the ambivalence contained in the english word, whose meaning puts into a connection - by superimposing them - the concepts of "geometric outline" and of " logical scheme". Our target is represented by the will of tracing the outline of a contemporary logical scheme, related to the concept of town, intended as an anthropologichal place and an emblematic expression of a civilization. This is a contemporary and - almost at each latitude - by now totally "ingegnerized" town, which is furnished with clear and visible urbanistic structures, and which is - at the same time - ubiquitously pervaded by invisible cable structures and by powerful telecommunication nets. It is a town that exists and pulses also inside the extended reality of a new urbanistic dimension, the dematerialized dimension of the information fluxes which define again its outlines in a constant relation with the world.
"Outline" faces the theme of town in the perspective of making evident this new dialectic relationship between its physical plane and that of its technological projection, producing an aesthetic interpretation of the logical and structural connections that bind them together. In a conceptual perspective, our intention is that of working in relation with the physical and architectural space. Also finding again - in a contemporary optic - the social and emblematic valencies of the wall-space.