Marotta & Russo: ObjectKit


2006, Inkjet on vinyl

The digital technology from the beginning started to think about - thanks to its own nature, which is alien to the spatial realty - problems of taxonomy and ergonomy. This enormous effort of conscient cultural and linguistic synthesis can be found in all complex, articulated and conceptually new elements composing the graphic interfaces of softwares, videogames, packagings, hardware and the whole "paged up" reality (the reality digitally planned through Information technologies, culturally very much mediated), elements that have been surrounding us for some time time. These elements belong to a very complex and global language, that is able to create and make enjoyable digital "products" which lie under and understand the existence of a new perceptive psychology and a of new anthropology. These products lie under and understand the human being - with its perceptive logics - as the center of this horizon, the protagonist and the goal of this effort. Devoted to a declared digital neo-humanism.

Well, we worked to define a series of "kits" made of digital "objects". The elements have been once more assembled in a condition of total "opening" towards every possible direction of sense in order to reveal clearly the evidence of their visual and cultural emblematic condition.