Marotta & Russo - Fast Manifesto

Fast Manifesto (The "Manifesto of Communist Party" of Marx & Engels)

2009, wall posters

The consideration on which this work is based arises from the desire to venture ourselves upon the synthetic analysis of the process of the words that compose it. Our intention is that of making immediately evident – at first sight – the ideological texture that lies under. 
This is possible through a rigorous process which can filter it from an objective and taxonomical point of view, so revealing its internal relations as well as the recurring attitude and the proximity relation between the words that compose it. In this way it is possible to emphasize relations and proximities of a very much larger cultural and conceptual importance. 
Thanks to a specific software, we have sorted out the most frequently used words in the "Manifesto of Communist Party" of Marx & Engles, with the technique of tag clouds, typical of 2.0 web. The work, in form of poster, presents the result resumed in an image. A "marching multitude" made of the most relevant words contained in the text, where the dimension of the font of each word is kept proportional to its frequency: so it is possible to have an immediate approach to the text, in a single perspective, which can be at the same time analitical and synthetical, logical and emotional.