Marotta & Russo: eFlux


2010, tiles and enamel colors

The big swimming pool center of the complex "Città di Caldogno" (VI) represents the central element, not only architectonic, of the new community. A laic "cathedral", which is able to represent the center of relation of an ideal town - of a new Renaissance - to its foundation. The 400 square meters of the internal walls of the complex allowed us to reinforce - in a contemporary optics - the ancient values, civic and emblematic of the wall spaces ad of the social function of Arts. Two are the polarities put in relation: water and town. That is the lustral and ancestral element, in deep relation with the concept of birth, and the social and anthropological one, referred to the foundation of the community.
We traced on the internal walls of the building an essential and contemporary urban skyline, which is mirrored by the movement of water on the below swimming pools, in a unique perceptive and environmental effect. We have so operated a sort of analytical, functional and aesthetic transposition of an ideal model of contemporary town, pervaded in an ubiquitous way by invisible cabled infrastructures and by powerful telecommunication nets which constantly redefine its borders in relation with the world. This is a new town - and civility - which is the subject, the object and the context of an unceasing electronic flux, "liquid", socially fertile and culturally connoted.