Marotta & Russo | & |

Solo Show: 2013/10/15 - 2013/11/15 @ scatolabianca(etc.) Milano, Italy


curated by Martina Cavallarin
15.10.2013 – 15.11.2013
scatolabianca(etc.) Milano, Italy

In the space of scatolabianca (etc.) the works of Marotta & Russo are to be leaned, not dressed. The flux, the identity, the apparats are stigmatized again through the use praxis and the conversion of paradigms in order to revert from the question ARE YOU HUMAN to the riqualification of the basic concept of PERSONAL SHARING. From now on all works will have a caducous and unlimited dating: 2013@NOW. will change its web domain in order to become what is its meaning:

With their research Marotta & Russo investigate the world of media through a humanistic and cultural approach which is averse to easy cataloguing and which is used to capture unexpected significance drifts. The sense is using the digital media in order to measure its own anthropological impact on the world, experimenting the new logics introduced by technology so trying to comprehend the influence that they have on Contemporary Art. It is a matter of examining the process, protocolling different codes in order to come, or at least to come closer, to a linguistic comprehension of the world. 

"&" is a concept, a project, an idea which comes from the work of the artists and lives in the spaces of a geography which is mental before than physical. The concept of “leaning” realized in "&" in the spaces of scatolabianca (etc.) confronts itself with the usual praxis of dressing in order to investigate a relationship which is expressed not only through the relation of the works with the space, but also through multiple dimensions, horizontal and vertical, from all and all, singular and plural. The relation created by Marotta & Russo finds in "&" the first stage of a journey which is virulent but sweet, a shared take over conceptual and physical, among the cultural roots of scatolabianca going in other places and other times.